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Spring Cleaning On!

While I go on juggling mentorship and homeschooling, I have also gotten down to a some Spring Cleaning. At the very essence, we don’t exactly do spring cleaning during spring. Technically, we don’t actually have spring season in the tropics, but I make sure I get rid of stuff that I don’t anymore use.

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Yielding to God everything. Period.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for John Piper’s book, A Hunger for God. I have been a christian for most of my life but it was not until I read this book last January did it occur to me the real essence of “fasting.” I love how the Lord met me during the […]

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Music Room this 2014

It’s been more than half a year since we transferred back to our now 2-storey home and we still have not set up our music room. We are not really rushing. With no house help and a full schedule for each three of us throughout the week, we really have not found the luxury of […]

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Grateful for God’s provisions

Even though there were trials along the way, our home project is finally done. The Lord has sustained us through these months and we cannot be more thankful. While it is far from perfect, with a whole lot of issues, from the poor quality of workmanship to the leaky roof, some uneven painting, I could […]

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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!!

The year 2012 has brought so many tears and disappointments. But it also was the same year the Lord has showed Himself in control and picked us right up just when we thought everything was a blur and had no hope at all. Now as we usher 2013 in, we welcome it with so much […]

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House plan in the works

Initial house plan, floor layout to be exact is now in the works. We have been praying for this for years and now it is finally taking its shape starting off with this floor plan. Ideally, it is best for us to relocate because of the dangers of flooding within our area. But given that […]

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Our 5 year old house

Our home is now more than five years old and as expected there are already a few things that need some special attention. The peeling paint around the bottom of the kitchen counter is screaming for its face lifting. This house is a testament of God’s faithfulness and is a constant reminder that there is […]

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Cable wires run amok

With all these cleaning I have been doing lately, there is one persistent problem I have been dealing with — cable wires!!!! Imagine my relief when I found these genius contraption that will allow for them to stay in one whole line. No more cable wires doubling as tarantulas all over the house. It’s really […]

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General Cleaning mode

I have been pretty much on a General Cleaning mode lately. After having tidied up my own office, I did the same today with my hubby’s home office. I have been staring at his office for two weeks now and I cannot help but notice the pile of clutter rising by the day. Yes, the […]

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A side bed for the little guy

We recently got our little guy a scatola designed by Rajo Laurel. This since has served as our side bed where he sleeps every night. Although he has his own room. He has not been sleeping in it for sometime now. He started sleeping on his own when he was three years old. But he […]

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